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Introduction to the Mega Joker Slot Machine Game

Mega Joker is a slot machine game that is interesting to play and which increases chances for players to win more money. This game includes mainly fruit symbols such as cherries, lemons and plums along with the Mega Joker symbol. Developed with stunning graphics and attractive background, this slot machine game gives you the feeling of playing at a real casino and keeps you engaged and excited till the end. Mega Joker is basically categorized into – main game, super meter game and progressive jackpot.

Individuals can play Mega Joker starting with the main game that includes some symbol combinations, which again start the super meter game. Also called as the lower game, this involves a player to select from three values like 10 cents, 20 cents or 1 Euro. Bet should be selected between 1 to 10 coins. A player can activate only 1 win line if he/she places a bet of 1. And if one chooses a bet of 10, then all win lines will be selected. One can choose to play the super meter game if one makes profit with 5 win lines. As for the super meter game, it can be played only if one makes a bet of 10 when playing the main game. Usually, all 5 win lines are used in this game. A player can place bets of 20, 40, 100, or 200 times the set coin value, while the super meter will get all the credits.

Mega Joker also features a progressive jackpot that helps a player make more money. In this aspect, the jackpot keeps increasing everytime a player plays it until the right combination of symbols is made. The base amount gets restarted after if one wins the jackpot. Since the number does not go to zero, there are always chances to win good amount. One can check at the bottom of the screen where the current amount is displayed. But one must remember that this displayed amount has a 30 second delay. So this delay can make another player a winner but in rare cases. However, if a player wins the jackpot, he/she will receive huge sum than the amount displayed.

It is important to note that winning combinations and payouts are made based on the pay table or win plan, which is found on the slot. The payouts for the main game are present at the bottom, while the combinations for the super meter game are displayed beside the reels of the super meter.